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DJ Xclusive


An award winning DJ, Xclusive is known for his famous spins and mix tapes in Europe, Nigeria and America.

Dj Xclusive is undoubtedly the most prominent and highly rated DJ in the UK, where he was born and is also based. He began his Dj Career in various Mayfair / celebrity clubs such as Vendome Nightclub-Mayfair, Aura-Mayfair, Penthouse, Funky Buddha, and Jalouse Nightclub and in the same time frame he completed a course in music production.His unique Djing techniques which include mixing, scratching and blending all genre of music, most prominently the best in Urban Funky house, Urban Chart, Rnb, Hip-Hop, Pop and Soca have earned Dj Xclusive the title as one of the most inspiring international DJ’s.

He has featured on songs, done mixes of other songs for us to enjoy. After perfecting the art of a disc jockeying, he has decided to start putting out his own tracks.

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