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Fi Mi Le

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Relatively unknown before last summer’s release of his first singles, Kas’ "Fi Mi Le" and "If You Wind For Me" have thrust his music into pole position on many ’a DJ’s party playlist. Those two singles are the kind of music that would well up enough confidence in a shy guy to make him search out the hottest chick on the dance floor; simple, easy to sing along to and just a good time. Needless to say, the album was well anticipated.

The album starts off with "Fi Mi Le" and gets you right in the groovin’ spirit of his Trado-Pop genre with the brilliant beat, altered voice and wonderful mastering. The song keeps you on a high right up until the next track cues in and sounds remarkably like the previous track! The altered vocals used on some of Kas’ songs sound incredibly similar, so similar in fact that you begin to wonder whether he is singing or just rapping autotune style. No doubt, the songs are fresh; the beats are top class and the concepts seem really cool but it doesn’t take much to get lost in the repetitive lyrics and assets on the beats.

"Like a Bottle" and "Fi Mi Le Remix ft D’banj and 2face Idibai" are good examples of Kas’ ace production mixed with artistic excellence. Unfortunately, a fair share of the album just feels like "Kas the producer" imposed his music idealism on "Kas the artiste".

The stand-out tracks are the all the versions/remixes of "Fi Mi Le", "If You Wind For Me" and a solitary new track "I Love Jesus".

Sadly, he’s not been able to top his summer released singles but it won’t matter much; those two tracks are more than enough to get any party started.

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