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Yemi Alade

Jus Kiddin


Being born to do music is a cliché that can be associated with most singers. Singer and song-writer, Yemi Alade seems to break the norm innocuously in a way that is truly hers'. According to her, music is something that comes as naturally to her as breathing; she says "I've been doing music since I was old enough to string a melody together."

She began to professionally do music 5 years ago (2005) on the prodding of family and friends. She moved from just humming melodies with her daily chores to actually sitting to write songs from deep within her soul. Singing in the choir from the age of 12, helped her develop a method and structure to her singing as well as songwriting.

"I don’t know what I'd be doing if I weren't doing music. It is the very essence of my being" she says, with passion burning deep in her eyes. She sees singing as her very own outlet for the urgent need to express herself. For her, the stories her songs tell are from her personal experiences and those of people around her.

Her biggest milestone so far, has been winning one of the biggest talent hunt shows across Nigeria. She describes the process as an invigorating one that gave her the required impetus to truly want to pursue a career in music actively.

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